Chicken Gizzard 1 Kg
Chicken Gizzard Fresh chicken gizzardsRich source of proteins and vitaminsLow on fatImmunity boosterContains iron, zinc, phosphorus  Suitable for freezing LIFE 3d+ Product life guaranteed for 3 days excluding delivery day, with an average of 6 days. Storage Keep refrigerated 0°C to...
Rs 690.00
Chicken Neck 1 Kg
Chicken Neck All of our chickens are reared in an organic system that allows the birds free access to pastures where they can roam during the day before returning to the safety of the barn at night. Many intensively farmed...
Rs 530.00
Chicken Drumstick 1kg
Chicken Drumstick These fresh Chicken Drumsticks are prepared from whole Chickens by our master butchers. The drumstick offers great value with plenty of meat to serve the family in a casserole or on the BBQ. Bone and skin remain on...
Rs 800.00
Chicken Breast 1kg
Chicken Breast Make your meal planning easy and your money go further with our bulk packs of chicken breast fillets. Sourced from only carefully selected producers, these quality 100% chicken breast fillets are skinless, boneless and have no added water....
Rs 890.00
Chicken Wings 1Kg
Chicken Wings Chicken skin on wings. FRESH CLASS A Our free range chicken wings are sourced from small farms that rear their chickens slowly. Fed a nutritious, natural and varied diet, these chickens enjoy a life on lush pastures and...
Rs 690.00
Chicken Legs 1kg
Chicken Legs Drumstick and thigh remain attached for a low-cost meal solution. These fresh Chicken Legs are cut from whole Chickens by our master butchers. They are composed of the thigh and drumstick with the bone and skin remaining.  Suitable for freezing LIFE 3d+...
Rs 790.00
Whole Chicken
Whole Chicken Our chickens are selected from our local farmer, where they are free to explore open fields and grow at their own pace.  Suitable for freezing LIFE 3d+ Product life guaranteed for 3 days excluding delivery day, with an average...
Rs 750.00
Chicken Liver 1kg
Chicken Liver Buy Fresh Chicken Liver 1 kg Online with Gilded Grocery How To Store Fresh Chicken Liver? You can freeze liver for later storage. Lamb and chicken liver will keep fresh up to 2 months in the freezer. Chicken liver doesn't keep well in the freezer because the delicate meat...
Rs 590.00
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